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The Nutrition Shoppe consultations

Consultations are a one-on-one time for you to discuss your health. It sounds simple, but in today’s insurance-driven and health care managed times, it is a truly unique concept.


When you set up an appointment with Dr. Len Brancewicz or one of our other nutritionists, you get an uninterrupted time to talk about your health history and current concerns and jointly form a plan to get back on the path to wellness. This plan can (and often does!) involve lifestyle changes, supplementation, and exercise recommendations.

An understanding physician

Since Dr. Len Brancewicz is a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), he understands the need and role prescription medications can have in your life and can integrate them into your alternative regimen, or devise strategies to mitigate the side effects that they may cause without diminishing their effectiveness.


Moreover, Dr. Len can look at all of the blood work, doctor notes and treatment plans that your other doctors and specialists may have recommended and condense and streamline them into an easier-to-understand and follow plan.

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Knowledgeable health support

This is truly one of the most unique aspects of what we do at The Nutrition Shoppe. Often, we bounce from primary care physician to specialist to a second opinion and then we add in something we heard about on TV.


Doctor A doesn’t know what Doctor B said and neither of them know anything about that miracle product you bought at the herbal store. Dr. Len can take all of this information, make sense of it and help you to understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of your health.


The more you know as a patient, the more empowered you can be to make smart decisions for your health.


Your Health. Your Life. Our Mission.