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Learn about our Dietitian, Rhonda Pennypacker, RDN, LD

My name is Rhonda Pennypacker, RDN, LD, your personal, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  I pledge to meet you where you are at in your journey towards great health.  Our food is very personal to us, and our choices can either improve or harm our health.  I am here to help you, help yourself, one bite at a time.  Start with real food first and enjoy health from the inside out


Our food industry and culture make it difficult to decide what is the best food choice for our health.  Make an appointment today so I can simplify these decisions for you!  You will never have to "diet" again! Take control of how you feel TODAY and call One Body Nutrition Group! I can't wait to meet and empower you with excellent nutrition!!!


Dr. Len helps you understand WHAT is going on with your health and WHAT needs to be done to improve it. I can help you with HOW to do it.

To sign up for classes go to www.onebodynutritiongroup.com

Or call 678-561-4650 to set up a private consult.

The founding father of medicine said this...


"Let Food Be thy Medicine, and Medicine Be thy Food"


- Hippocrate

MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY- Individual or Group Classes

If you have been advised by a doctor to consult with a Registered Dietitian, please call and set up an appointment today. One Body Nutrition Group provides medical nutrition therapy for individuals and families. The list below covers some medical conditions that will benefit from medical nutrition therapy


  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Pediatric obesity

Your Health. Your Life. Our Mission.

What I Do

Medical Nutrition Therapy - Individual or Group


Weight Loss - Individual or Group


Healthy Eating/Disease Prevention - Individual or Group


Grocery Store/Farmers Market Tours


Nutrition Seminars - Community and Corporate

Pantry Makeover

WEIGHT LOSS - Individual or Group

Did you know that weight loss success is 80% diet and 20% exercise? I am certified by the Commission on Dietetic Registration in Adult Weight Management. Let me help you sort through all the fad diet hype and make sense of what and when to eat.


There is so much focus on what NOT to eat, I like to guide you to the foods that are GOOD to eat. My heart is to teach you about the beauty of food and how to eat food that taste delicious that is also nutritious! The word "diet" is a literal four letter word in my book. Who wants to diet the rest of their life? Call today and begin a healthy, balanced relationship with food and lose weight healthfully at the same time!

HEALTHY EATING - Disease Prevention

Sometimes we just need a nutrition checkup. We may have a genetic predisposition that we are concerned about and want to do all we can to prevent the disease. Our foods choices really do maintain our health and prevent disease.


If you have heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity in your family and you are strongly desiring to prevent this in your future, let's get started today. Your life and health is worth the checkup. Don't wait for a diagnosis to change your eating habits later.

Grocery Store/ Farmers Market Tours

Sometimes shopping can be overwhelming in the grocery store or at the farmer’s market with so many choices. Food labels lurk everywhere making health claims that are false. I can take you for a tour with training on how to navigate the ever-growing big box grocery stores to simplify and streamline this necessity in your life.


The farmers market is a great place to get locally grown produce, meat, eggs, honey, cheeses, baked goods, coffee, teas, etc. I would love to take you to our local farmer’s market here in Peachtree City and introduce you to some amazing, hardworking farmers and ranchers and teach you about the benefits of shopping here locally.

NUTRITION SEMINARS - Community and Corporate

I love to teach seminars on overall healthy eating, disease prevention, our food supply and agriculture changes that affect it, making sense of food labels, organic and genetically modified foods, maternal nutrition for mom and baby (as well as when breastfeeding), growing a community garden at your church, home school or job site.

Pantry Makeovers

I have found it is extremely helpful for clients to have me meet them in their home and help go through their pantry and refrigerator/freezer. It is one thing to learn what you need to about food changes, and this can dramatically accelerate the process of change!


I am an experienced, Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist based in Peachtree City, Georgia. I can help you tackle your diet issues and present realistic solutions to achieve your goals.  


I graduated with an honors degree in Food and Nutrition, with a minor in Biology in 1998 from Texas State University.  Upon completion of the dietetic internship and graduate work, I passed the national exam with the Commission of Dietetic Registry in 2000.  My experience includes medical nutrition therapy counseling for individuals, families, and teaching workshops/seminars for a private practice MD, nursing home clinical nutrition consultation, and for the community outreach education department of Mountain States Health Alliance in Johnson City, Tennessee.


While taking time off to raise our three young children, I have had the humbling experience of feeding picky eaters, having a child with food sensitivities and of course just real life feeding issues that come along with children.  Undoubtedly, I now have an arsenal of tools handy that comes with the hands-on experience of parenting.


During this time of raising children, I have also taught nutrition classes at the Healing Bridge Clinic in Peachtree City for local Fayette, Coweta and Fulton residents without health insurance.  I have also started a garden at our church (with the help of an army of volunteers and Eagle Scouts) that grows fresh, organic fruits and vegetables for local area food banks.


I set up a private nutrition practice to share my knowledge and love for nutrition with the Fayette community and surrounding counties. My passion is for people first, disease prevention, disease management (medical nutrition therapy), weight loss and whole food nutrition.  When not working, you can find me enjoying our family, good friends, a good book, gardening or dancing.