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The Nutrition Shoppe success stories

Take a look below and read some success stories from our satisfied clientele. Call us today at 678-228-8900 for any questions you may have.

“I am just amazed at how wonderful I feel!”

I just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! My digestive system has been just horrific ever since I lost my gallbladder and I have literally tried every prescription medication out there to no avail.


The Superzymes and the Flora have honestly worked a miracle

on my system. No more cramping, no more bloating, no more rushing to the restroom after infesting two bites of food! The feeling is remarkable! These supplements have just changed my life!


When they took out my gallbladder they told me I would have issues. Issues does not even begin to describe it! No prescriptions have worked at all. I am just amazed at how wonderful I feel.


I have told several women that I work with who are having the same issues. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you again!

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“It wasn’t until I got connected with Dr. Len that my progress really started to take off! “

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to work with and really get to know Dr. Len while managing the Georgia location of The Nutrition Shoppe.


He has opened my eyes to so much in the worlds of sports nutrition and natural supplementation. I’ve been into working out for about 6 years, but I was never able to see the results I wanted, no matter what I did in the gym or with my diet.


It wasn’t until I got connected with Dr. Len that my progress really started to take off! First, we were able to clean up my diet. He pointed me to the most effective foods to eat for my specific goals (lots of protein, lots of veggies, healthy fats and carbs at the right time).


Also, he set me up with a supplement regimen of PowerFusion protein powder, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Dailys Multivitamins, BCAA’s, Beta-Alanine and Pre-Action Pre Workout to round everything out.


After a few months of hard work and dedication in the gym and in the kitchen, we recently did a BMI on me and I came out in the elite range. There is no doubt that the plan has worked wonders.


My wife Janine and I are now in the gym lifting heavy 4 days a week and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life! Health and fitness has developed into my biggest passion, and I can’t thank the Nutrition Shoppe team enough for helping me learn and grow!

“Today, I can proudly say I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Being a part of the Nutrition Shoppe staff for the past 2 year has really been an amazing and eye-opening experience to the world of natural supplementation.


Being interested in health and fitness for a large part of my life, I never really realized the differences between different types of vitamins out there!


But today, I can proudly say I’m in the best shape of my life, and I owe part of that to The Nutrition Shoppe and Dr. Len for educating me that high quality supplements matter, and on how to take charge of my health naturally beyond just eating right and exercising.


I take Powerfusion protein powder on a daily basis and I absolutely loved the taste as well as the purity of the product and recommend it to everyone I know! Since I do heavy weightlifting 4X a week, I need to make sure my protein intake is high.


My post-workout Powerfusion shake helps me keep lean muscle while slimming down. Plus- it tastes amazing! I love throwing it in smoothies, making pancakes with it, and protein muffins, too.


Among the list of other supplements I take regularly include the Dairy and Omega 3 Fish Oils. It’s truly been a pleasure to be a part of a company that I truly feel is making a difference in people’s lives! Since working here, I’ve developed a desire to learn more about nutrition and health, and within the next year or two, Kyle and I both hope to have our sports nutrition coaching and personal training certifications so we can help people in and out of the gym.


I also started my own health and fitness blog, LIFTmeup Fitness that I use to spread my fitness knowledge and positivity to others.

-Jessica Meeks

-Kyle Baggett

-Janine Baggett

“I wish he lived closer and I would hug him for getting my health turned around!”

“I was referred by Janice and Annette with Interx Therapy in Dallas and I was so glad they sent me to Dr. Len! For over ten years, I have dealt with IBS and acid reflux and have been under the supervision of a gastroenterologist.


After multiple colonoscopies and taking the highest dose of medication for IBS (Dexilant), I was still miserable. If I skipped a dose for even a day or two, my symptoms returned.  My B-12 levels dropped and my bone density dropped during this time.


One can read that the drugs for IBS/GERD may cause these side effects and many more but when it happens it is very unhealthy.  Janice and Annette told me that if anyone could help me recover from IBS and acid reflux, it was Dr. Len.


I was very open to the process with Dr. Len and it is a process that requires patience and diligence. He established a clear cut routine with healthy alternatives for healing my stomach. At first I felt some improvement in the first few weeks but was still skeptical I would ever be able to stop the Dexilant.


Dr. Len educated me on the value of having a healthy digestive system as it’s the gateway to overall health. It took several months and being diligent but now I rarely even take an over the counter Tagamet and I remain on the healthy products/regiment that Dr. Len has prescribed. I am thrilled!


I have more energy and I cannot wait to have my B-12 levels checked along with my next bone scan to hopefully see the improvement. Dr. Len is a brilliant teacher and healthcare provider.


I wish he lived closer and I would hug him for getting my health turned around. Now Dr. Len is helping me move towards optimal health with my hormones, while making sure my tummy gets even better.


I highly recommend Dr. Len and his staff as well as the products from The Nutrition Shoppe.”

-Carolyn, Dallas, Texas

“Dr. Len helped me to lower my cholesterol.”

“Dr. Len helped me to lower my cholesterol and to start my journey towards improved health. It has been over 3 years now and I continue to take my omegas, red yeast rice, and probiotics every day. He is someone I trust and respect to give me professional advice.”

-Teresa Eubanks

“I feel the best I have felt in years!”

“Dr. Len got me through the worst year of my life when I went into adrenal fatigue! It was horrendous and scary!


He fixed my sleep with Kavinace and Melatonin, fixed my gut with galt immune and probiotics, fixed my up and down daily nerve/cortisol surges and bp problems/water retention with mood guard and magnesium!


I still take the magnesium, melatonin and probiotics. And I am a loyal Allerez and omega-3 user. I feel the best i have felt in years along with these supplements and a good diet.”

– Beth Adams Cutler


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